…the day is so much brighter when you do!

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When you just don’t feel like it…

I’m currently finishing up my Masters, which consists of a writing a dissertation (15,000 words), attending one more block module (2 days), preaching a sermon to that class and then at church, and finally, writing a 2,500 word paper on homiletics (all due by September).  In the mean time, on a weekly basis I’m helping out at church with the worship, the youth, and anything else asked of me on the spot. I have been in written communication with two Universities for a job in teaching online bible courses, but honestly am still quite far off from securing the position (no official paper work has been processed) or being prepared for it. And on days like this, where I feel like I’ve hit a solid wall (in terms of work) I cannot help but wish it all away. I mean, i will probably never again be in place where I don’t worry about making payments or screaming children or a demanding bosses; apart from my work, which is totally based on independent study, I have the freedom to choose how to spend my time. Meet up with anyone I like at any time. And yet, I cannot wait for these months to be over – I guess I’ve been wishing it over from the very start…

I keep finding this one desires in my heart: make money

……..because it means we can get our own house, have a baby, get my UK license, travel to see our family and friends abroad, travel all over England with my husband, hang out with friends, buy clothes, eat out, get awesome deals on Groupon, etc.  ((wow… sounds pretty earthly minded…. where’s the eternal focus?))

 For some reason I just find myself discontent. Maybe it’s laziness welling up because I don’t wanna work hard. I’ve grown tired of my dissertation project, tired of the subject, tired with the fact that no matter how much I do, there is still soooo much more to do. 

But the truth is, who’s to say I get all the things money can buy, and still not end up discontent at the end of the day. The key is learn to be content in all circumstances. But my question is how? Share with me your secret brother Paul… (Phil. 4:12)



Take a deep breath,
say “thanks”,
pretend like all those things don’t exist-
only the here, the now 


I love the Greek, Mediterranean, Eastern (call it what you want!) hospitable lifestyle!

SO…. there are about 9 of us in the house right now. Pretty overwhelming at times, but still pretty sweet 😉 My parents, three long girls, Miss Rachel Darling, a Greek fiance, and a couple from America. My parents had a meeting with the Architect who is going to design our new church building. So the rest of us walked around town and had a bite to eat.  We came back at the end of their meeting.

Now. The architect is Greek married to an Australian woman, and they both own the business together. Their house is CRAZY! They both are very modern and unique in their design styles! So their office area was SO original and cool! I was like, “I gotta see the rest of your house!!” On our way out, I asked, “Can we please see your house?!” It was about 9pm at this time. He was like, “SURE!”

So they lead us all up! SO many “wow!”s and “oooooo”s echoed all throughout the tour! They live right on the beach and have a gorgeous view! Their daughter said she kittens upstairs so all the young peeps of the group ran up to play with them! 5 they were! Adorable! At some point we carried them down to ask mom to pick one as a joke! And I saw that they had all sat around their pool! With wine and cheese out! So we all came down, sat around, laughed, joked! At some point the owner (Architect) gets up! “I want you to swim in my pool! I’ll go get bathing suits!” He jumped in! Alkeos whipped out the guitar, more people jumped in the pool! It was a blast!! We left the house past midnight!!

Now that! Is Greek, Mediterranean, Eastern hospitality! It truly was a fun night!! Wish you could have been there!

Starting up again…

Sooooo, my sister has  put me to shame. She’s been so good at updating her blog. I thought i would try to be like her for a while and be a little more consistent with updating my own. (check hers out by the way:

What’s been up?
Well I’m currently in Greece hanging with my parents, Kali, and her fiance. Christi and Rachel are soon to join the club!! I’ve been planning a WEDDING! Yep! 36 days left! I honestly CANNOT wait! Simon is in England working. I miss him loads.

I’ve also been working at my parents bookstore.

And just finished reading Job.



I’ve been reading Philip Mantofa’s biography. He’s pretty challenging.  He truly loves God wholeheartedly and pursues holiness passionately. Most of all I’ve been challenged by his intimate relationship with God. Reading about it has really inspired me and boosted my faith. I just wanna share a page from his book:

“One evening, about 200 intercessors gathered in the main hall for training and impartation. Pastor Philip opened the session, explaining the Word of God in simple terms so that even the new believers could easily understand. Knowing that too many believers tend to get caught up in the power of the anointing, he did not preach on power. Instead, his sermon focused on the beauty of an intimate relationship with the Lord. He was convinced that everyone who was intimate with the Lord and who befriended God would have a life and ministry filled with His anointing.

“After his sermon, he invited every person present to stand arm in arm. Then he turned around, knelt by a corner of the pulpit, and began to worship and cry, weeping with great, choking sobs. He didn’t say another word. The only sound that came out of his mouth was groaning.”

And the story continues of how he just worshiped in the mists of everyone without being bothered and God’s presence touched everyone mightily.

I find myself longing to know God that way. To feel His presence consistently, even when I’m alone just praying and reading. I’m inspired by this saint in the faith to grow in intimacy with God.

The end.

I’m really ancy.

I’m ready to move on.

Can I just skip over all the packing and the long plane ride?


….what do you do with it?! Hmmm? How do you make it go away? It sucks when you carry it around. It eats you up on the inside and ruins your day. It’s a crazy thing… because on the one hand you love thinking over the things that angered you in the first place, love the feeling of victimization and injustice it causes, love wallowing in selfishness…. but on the other you hate how it consumes you, and perverts the truth, it blinds the eyes and fills the heart with bitterness. On the one hand you wanna inflict the same pain on the one who caused it, while on the other you want freedom from the chains and bondage it brings…


There has to be more to it than just thinking the words, “i forgive you,” or internally choosing to “let go.” Yes, it starts there… you can’t get anywhere unless there is an inner “setting of the heart” to love…. but for some reason… that’s just not enough. Dang it! There has to be an outward proclamation, a renewing of the mind, a continual reinforcement of positive attitude.

a confession of anger.

“BE ANGRY, AND yet DO NOT SIN; do not let the sun go down on your anger” Eph. 4:26.

“Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions” Mark 11:25.

Then Peter came and said to Him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven” Matt 18: 21-22.